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Harness The Amazing Power Of Intuition
with the IIC Virtual Training Program

The Intuition Intensive Certification (IIC) Virtual Training gives you an exclusive opportunity to be trained by Karen McGregor – Canada’s top trainer and speaker in the area of Intuition Development.

Be inspired to master practical strategies, to once again trust your intuition and live from a place of certainty and peace. Ignite your intuitive power and feel confident in navigating change and in making decisions from both your inner wisdom and your intellect – your heart and your head.

Over the course of 8 weeks, through the use of audio, video and written materials, you will discover how to become crystal clear on what is most important, build the life of your dreams, and help others to do the same!

Take the training for yourself, or to help friends and family.

For those of you with an existing holistic practice, the IIC Virtual Training makes an excellent addition to your existing talents and services.

During the first three videos, you will learn: how to remove the blocks holding you back and how to tap into the amazing power of Intuition, five different ways to access it and how to revitalize, ground and shield your energy…

Lesson 1: Discover and Dissolve Blocks to Intuition

  • You know something is getting in the way of your intuition but you don’t know what
  • Recognize what this block is and finally free yourself to get clear  and consistent guidance
  • Navigate all road blocks on the path to your life purpose, loving relationships, vitality and great health.
  • Understand your ego and subconscious on a deeper level so that you can move forward with confidence in your ability to access your inner wisdom 24/7

Lesson 2: Access Intuition in 5 major ways

  • Expand your intuition by recognizing different forms in which it comes to you
  • Have way more tools available when you need to make important decisions quickly
  • Finally experience the freedom of knowing you can trust your intuition and experience it daily

Lesson 3: Revitalize, Ground and Shield Energy

  • Identify how the quantum energy field can work for you or against you
  • Practice protecting your own energy and be aware of hidden causes that lead to your energy spiraling downward
  • Experience the power of grounding for yourself and for others who live in a hurried, frantic and stress-filled world

In the next three videos, you will learn exactly how to develop three latent powers buried deep inside that most people don’t even realize exist within ALL of us. They are…

Lesson 4: Develop Clairsentience (the ability to feel your body’s guidance)

  • Experience the powerful wisdom of your body and the clear intuitive guidance it provides
  • Learn to communicate with your body for optimal health
  • Discover tools to help you understand and heal unresolved issues, old conflicts and deep wounds

Lesson 5: Develop Clairvoyance (the ability to see with your inner eye)

  • Understand why clairvoyance is your most powerful tool in intuition
  • Access practical methods to heighten clairvoyance so you can go deep with any intuitive question and receive astounding insights
  • Discover why most people don’t trust clairvoyance and how you can learn to fully trust it, every time

Lesson 6: Develop Clairaudience (the ability to hear with your inner ear)

  • Distinguish between the voice of your ego and the voice of your intuition
  • Understand when and how the voice of intuition is made known and how it is made silent
  • Experience processes that powerfully develop your ability to hear your inner wisdom and be guided by it consistently

And in the final two videos you will learn how to receive guidance from the Divine Angels – which ones are with you and working with you – as well as how to read Angel Cards for others…

Lesson 7: Receive Guidance from the Angels

  • Identify which angels are with you and how they are assisting you
  • Identify different types of angels, the roles that they have and how you can develop a relationship with them
  • Experience powerful meditations that connect you to your angels and their guidance and wisdom

Lesson 8: Learn Advanced Techniques for Angel Card Readings

  • Most people rely only on oracle cards for intuitive guidance. In this session, be empowered to use angel cards to assist your intuitive guidance rather than replace it.
  • Learn how to access all forms of intuition while working with angel cards
  • Learn what not to do when working with angel cards so that you can get a clear and reliable reading each and every time
  • Learn advanced steps in conducting a reading for yourself and others that becomes a powerful gift  as it opens opportunities to move from chaos and confusion to confidence and clarity!

Don’t waste another minute wondering what could have been – give yourself the gift of 24/7 clear intuition by completing your Intuition Intensive Certification today! 

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