Finding Answers & Clarity Now… without using your Brain

For most of my life I was praised for my ability to think. I won awards for it. I built my identity around it. Until extreme chaos came into my life when I turned 40 and suddenly I found my world upside down in complete chaos. My marriage and my business collapsed simultaneously and all the problem solving and intellectual skill in the world were not helping me deal with the mess at my feet.

Burn-outFortunately, I discovered and uncovered my intuition – the part of me that was not brain-based – through a series of serendipitous events. I realized that a key purpose in my life is to not only experience my own life changing dramatically with the use of intuition but more so to help others use their intuition in times of change and chaos – to trust it and know how to refine it and activate it 24/7.

Here are some keys to help you get started on a path of finding answers without your brain:

Learn the 3 A’s of intuition: Ask for guidance. Most of us wait for our internal guidance system to kick in and present itself whenever and however we want it and need it. The reality is, all things, including intuition, are best ignited with our own intentions – if we intend on seeking clarity and ask for it, the likelihood of it presenting itself clearly is much higher.

Second A: Accept – are you fully receiving your intuition or are you catching glimpses of it and ignoring it, putting it on the backburner, second guessing it and calling it “a weird coincidence”? Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how much am I really trusting and receiving this gift?

Third A: Act – if you ask and accept but never act on your intuition, then the cycle of strengthening your internal guidance system will be halted and potentially damaged. Intuition by nature is demanding that we change our lives – even when that decision is a difficult choice to make. Most of us are afraid to act because we don’t have a guaranteed outcome. This is where, however, we grow most as people – in taking a courageous step and trusting in ourselves and the universe.

To experience your intuition fully, begin by practicing some intuitive exercises; it’s a great idea to do it in a group setting with a skilled facilitator so that you can ask questions and have a connection with others who are supportive of your journey while having a common interest. For more information on our upcoming Intuition Intensive Certification Program:


Clairvoyance – the Gift (not curse) of Visionary Dreamers who Change the World

Intuition Blog

I saw this image on my friend Brittany Grossman’s blog and felt compelled to write about the natural signs that we are intuitive… that is, intuitive in a clairvoyant way. Clairvoyance is the ability to see with your inner eye. If you were a dreamer as a child, chances are you were naturally clairvoyant, creative and a visionary. As an adult, if you find visualization a great way to learn or if you have vivid dreams on a regular basis, chances are that you are naturally clairvoyant. In other words, of all the forms in which you receive intuition, clairvoyance is the form that comes without you practicing or paying much attention to it.

This is a powerful form of intuition because, like dreaming, it presents images that are often not literal. These images are symbolic and can have multiple layers of meaning. For instance, when you see a baby in your inner eye, it may mean that the person who you are thinking of in that moment is going to have a baby, but more likely it refers to the symbolic aspects of beginning a new life, a new project or a new relationship or career. If you are not sure what an image means, remember to ask your intuition. The Divine within will respond to your question when you are relaxed, not attached, and truly open-hearted within the moment you ask.

Go ahead and try asking for guidance and practice seeing what comes to your inner eye. Hold the image of someone you love and simply practice seeing what other objects, places or people present themselves while you hold this image of your loved one in your inner eye. If the reason for the image is not clear, just ask for clarity without attachment.

Happy intuiting! Remember, intuition is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it will become stronger and will be there in times when you need it most.

Don’t worry if clairvoyance is not your natural way of intuiting – that can be developed!

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How to Speak once & Sell Forever

Businesses spend tons of time and money figuring out the marketing world, social media, SEO, blogging and… well you get the picture. But rarely do I see people taking time to develop a single talk that could help them grow their business, sell products like crazy and offer their greatest gifts for a better world.

3D Happy Hour Button Click Here Block TextConsider what your business would be like if you developed only ONE talk… and continued  to offer this one inspirational presentation…. forever. I’ve seen it done over and over. And the topics range greatly from learning to remember names to finding clarity through chaos to discovering the real causes behind disease. Speaker entrepreneurs, with practice and a solid structured talk, can get really good at solving a problem within the talk and then offering listeners real transformation (through their products or services) to assist in solving a larger, related problem.

We live in a world that is built around a problem-solution structure and many people have this as part of their basic pattern of functioning in the world. Following this basic structure and then offering a reliable step by step process to assist your clients and listeners in reaching transformation and overcoming the problem is the key to your financial success and long term business growth.

Consider a 90 minute presentation: costs you almost nothing, and the rewards, if you do it systematically, can produce an entire year’s worth of income (and in the beginning, at least a month’s worth!). It’s happened to me and it has happened over and over for some of my closest friends.

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Why Speaker-Entrepreneurs Don’t Make Money


Business can be a tough go for most entrepreneurs, but even more so for people who are out there trying to spread the word about their amazing products and programs. Why is it that people who are willing to get out there and speak are just not finding their efforts financially rewarding? There are a few key reasons – that we can all avoid with a few small changes:



1. The focus is usually on the speaker and what they are offering vs. the participant/listener and what they need. How many times have you sat through a presentation and not learned anything tangible to help you with a real-life problem? Be the person that gives great value for a real-life, real-time problem.

2. No personal sharing of your story. Your story is what makes people feel into whether you are a good fit or what you offer is a good fit for their transformation. Stating your expertise is important, but real life experience in the form of a story – a real-life challenge you worked through –  is even more important for most listeners.

3. Rushing through your invitation to purchase programs and products. It’s fascinating for me to observe and witness how the energy of a speaker shifts, pace and voice changes occur when “the sale” begins. Consider that you don’t have to sell – you are making an invitation for transformation. And you make it throughout the talk, not just in the last five minutes.

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Intuition Intensive Certification Video is Here!

Our Intuition Intensive is a profound experience for anyone looking to receive clear guidance 24/7.  Click below to see some images and testimonials, as well as a great description of the program. Enjoy!


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Is it really my intuition? How can I tell?

I’ve been asked these questions hundreds of times before. And while our minds want to make the answer complicated, the truth is, it’s not. There are some simple truths, that if you follow them and keep committed to the process, will guide you to consistent and clear direction in your life. I never said it was easy – it’s just not that complicated . Here’s 3 things to keep in mind. More to come later.

1. When you are attached to an outcome, your intuition will retreat. The stronger you want something with your ego, the weaker your intuition becomes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want; it just means that your not attached to the end result looking a certain way or having to arrive at a certain time. I always say if we can practice non-attachment, like Buddha, we will all be 24/7 intuitives without even trying…

2. Your intuition comes in different forms – it can come through a voice within, a visual in your mind’s eye, a feeling, a gut knowing, a synchronicity, or a host of other ways. Don’t assume that “the answer” will come in the way that it has always appeared. If you are cleaning your kitchen and suddenly you are presented with an odd image in your mind’s eye, take note – write it down and ask. I always tell my clients to write everything down and then ask for more information about the guidance – if you are meant to learn more…. you will! If you practice step 1, you can discern the difference between made up stuff that your ego conjures up and the real thing. Practice this by writing a question you would like answers to – listen with non-attachment to the response and write it down until you can hear your ego creeping in – if you stop at the moment the pen wants to express the ego’s voice, you will be well on your way to being a confident and discerning Every Day Intuitive. (See my Linked In Group to join The Everyday Intuitive)

3. Intuition is the voice of love; ego is the voice of fear. Practice hearing guidance that sounds like it’s loving advice – your intuition wil never berate you, will never go on and on like a friend who you can’t get off the phone no matter how hard you try…. your intuition is almost alarmingly concise and usually asks of you what may be uncomfortable or at the very least, requires you to make a change of some sort. The voice often is quiet, but may not always be gentle if you are not listening to it or not trusting it – it may sound loud in your inner ear to get the attention of those of us who have shut down to the guidance that is operating within and around us 24/7.

Hope that helps and is a start. More to come.
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What to do when you don’t know what to do…

In 2012 I’ve met many people who are asking themselves, “What do I do with my life? Where do I go from here?” And the answer seems to take light years to come – more than ever people seem to be stuck, frustrated and unhappy with their lives.

Today during an interview I began discussing the phases of change we all go through in life and that each phase can be worked with intuitively to help get clear on life purpose, the next step, or the next vision. I explained that the first stage of change that many people experience is a sense of dying to the old beliefs, patterns, relationships, careers, etc. that keep them confined to a life that is out of sync with their deepest passions and inner knowings. This dying to the old and the period of grieving the loss of the old (identity, roles, ways of being) needs to happen in order for our guidance system, our intuition, to fully function. It’s as though the body needs to be fully cleared of all the things that were not a match to “TRUTH” – Universal Truth. Then there is a beautiful space that opens up and allows for intuition to bring us to our life’s purpose.

Stay tuned for the other three phases of change in upcoming blogs — and how to know when you are blocking your life purpose and intuition in these stages.

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How Intuition Keeps us Alive

Intuition can be our warning-system and our alarm bells should something in our life not feel right. But few people ever think about how intuition makes us feel ALIVE… it can give us renewed vitality, it can help us to know with every fibre of our being that what we do and who we are in this world matter. That the path we have chosen is one that aligns with our purpose and activates our passion.

Having a relationship with our intuition can increase our clarity and confidence about what we are called to stand up for in life, about what we believe is possible, about our commitment to our big wild dreams.

Intuition embodied and lived creates presence in people, and it is a presence that can affect millions of other people. One person’s internal flame spreads to ignite the flame in others. From our families to our communities to our global villages, we are deeply moved by the efforts of one single person who is fully aligned with their intuition and committed to their path.

My dream is that every man woman and child will one day wake up and work not because they have to but because it’s what makes their soul sing.

My dream is that every man woman and child will embrace their inner wisdom and honor it just as the rational mind is embraced and honored.

My dream is that every man woman and child will say YES to life. Will choose to be fully ALIVE.

The Add-On Theory of Intuition

I was listening to David Wolfe this past week talk about adding living, raw food to our diet versus depriving ourselves of what we really love to eat and drink. Eventually, when we add on enough times, cravings for foods that lack nutrition begin to subside. Over a period of time, the very foods you thought you couldn’t live without have completely lost their appeal.

From cakes and cookies to Salads and Super foods? Who me? Well yes, it’s true. This theory is in fact working for me and I’m delighted as I experience more energy and weight loss! As a professional intuitive, I’m now looking at how this add-on theory works with intuition, and here’s my theory:

Each time that we invest focused energy in moving into the wisdom of our hearts, in moving into the wisdom of our bodies, we want to stay there longer, and actually begin to lose interest in the great fascination with exclusively logical, rational thoughts. Each time that we acknowledge, accept and act on our intuition, we build a strong relationship to this bridge between our humanity and divinity. We can walk with clarity and confidence into our life purpose, into new relationships, and be the architects of our own lives. Yes our minds will always be there to be an assistant to this process; it’s just that the mind relaxes into knowing that it doesn’t have to be on call 24/7 and come up with all the answers all of the time.

Join me in discovering the add-on theory and learn more about it in the Life Purpose Intensive Retreat and the Intuition Intensive Certification, both coming in Nov. 2012!

How to Get Clear on Your Life Purpose

With the arrival of 2012 and shifts happening globally as well as in individual communities and families, many people are struggling to adapt to change, questioning their identity, and what is truly important in life.  They find themselves asking, “What is my true purpose? What steps can I take to realize this purpose?”

In working with clients around the world who are coping with major life transitions, I’ve noticed that life purpose is usually approached from an intellectual standpoint. There is an internal debate of, “Where do I go from here, what do I do?” as well as listing pros and cons, consulting experts, and researching the latest data . When people come to me, many of them have tried these strategies, often with few results.

The lack of results is a great place to begin getting clear on your life purpose. In fact, focus on the uncertainty and embrace it as you would your lover. Dance with it rather than trying to control it. Feel all the emotion associated to it and let it flow through you without judgment. As you become comfortable with the gift of not knowing, you will begin the journey from your head to your heart, from intellect to intuition. You will find the space within that is necessary to quiet the ego mind and tune in to your soul’s deepest calling.

As this space emerges, be aware of the many ways that your soul speaks to you. You may receive messages that you hear as a voice within; you may experience sensations in your body that guide you to stop or move forward in your path; you may have dreams or images in your mind’s eye that support the decision you’ve been thinking of making. Pay attention to the syncronicities that unfold, each one acting as guidance in your personal life purpose. If you are unsure about the meaning of these serendipitous moments or any intuitive messages you receive, seek further clarity by engaging your intuition in dialogue and questioning. In this way, your intuition will grow and become a part of your daily life.

Above all, we become clear about our life purpose when we are in alignment with love — love for self, others, all of life. The reason for this is simple: when you give and receive love unconditionally, you emit a high vibrational frequency that is a match with the frequency of discovering and fulfilling your purpose. Rather than asking, “What is my purpose? You might instead begin with, “What do I have to offer? How may I serve?” Each time you focus with unwavering commitment to being in loving service to others and offering your gifts, you are one with the dynamic, creative force of love that aligns you with your purpose.