How to Get Clear on Your Life Purpose

With the arrival of 2012 and shifts happening globally as well as in individual communities and families, many people are struggling to adapt to change, questioning their identity, and what is truly important in life.  They find themselves asking, “What is my true purpose? What steps can I take to realize this purpose?”

In working with clients around the world who are coping with major life transitions, I’ve noticed that life purpose is usually approached from an intellectual standpoint. There is an internal debate of, “Where do I go from here, what do I do?” as well as listing pros and cons, consulting experts, and researching the latest data . When people come to me, many of them have tried these strategies, often with few results.

The lack of results is a great place to begin getting clear on your life purpose. In fact, focus on the uncertainty and embrace it as you would your lover. Dance with it rather than trying to control it. Feel all the emotion associated to it and let it flow through you without judgment. As you become comfortable with the gift of not knowing, you will begin the journey from your head to your heart, from intellect to intuition. You will find the space within that is necessary to quiet the ego mind and tune in to your soul’s deepest calling.

As this space emerges, be aware of the many ways that your soul speaks to you. You may receive messages that you hear as a voice within; you may experience sensations in your body that guide you to stop or move forward in your path; you may have dreams or images in your mind’s eye that support the decision you’ve been thinking of making. Pay attention to the syncronicities that unfold, each one acting as guidance in your personal life purpose. If you are unsure about the meaning of these serendipitous moments or any intuitive messages you receive, seek further clarity by engaging your intuition in dialogue and questioning. In this way, your intuition will grow and become a part of your daily life.

Above all, we become clear about our life purpose when we are in alignment with love — love for self, others, all of life. The reason for this is simple: when you give and receive love unconditionally, you emit a high vibrational frequency that is a match with the frequency of discovering and fulfilling your purpose. Rather than asking, “What is my purpose? You might instead begin with, “What do I have to offer? How may I serve?” Each time you focus with unwavering commitment to being in loving service to others and offering your gifts, you are one with the dynamic, creative force of love that aligns you with your purpose.

Karen’s Favorite Quotes on the Power of Intuition

“We often hesitate to follow our intuition out of fear. Most usually, we are afraid of the changes in our own life that our actions will bring. Intuitive guidance, however, is all about change. It is energetic data ripe with the potential to influence the rest of the world. To fear change but to crave intuitive clarity is like fearing the cold, dark night while pouring water on the fire that lights your cave. An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations.” — Caroline Myss


“Thinking helps, but intuition will always guide you to the source of love, rather than the source of fear.” — Karen McGregor


“What is truth? A difficult question; but I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what the “voice within” tells you.” — Mahatma Gandhi