Intuitive Business Consultation


If you are seeking guidance specific to your business and areas of life connected to your business success, Karen is both a successful entrepreneur and highly trained intuitive. She is the owner and creator of Divine You Spiritual Events Company, a former trainer for SEEDS Business Development Center and the author of Sculpting the Business Body: Strategies and Stories from Top Entrepreneurs. Her unique combination of business experience and intuition make her a sought-after source of business guidance.

To book a professional consultation with Karen that includes intuitive guidance for your business and other areas of life, please call Karen’s office at 604-833-3073 or Click Here to send an e-mail .



“Karen has twice given me highly specific intuitive information that has been extremely helpful in crucial business and personal decisions. She is a gifted intuitive not only for areas of business, but also in health, relationships, money and sense of purpose. Thank you Karen!”

Andrew Rezmer, Home Buying Centre Inc. Owner


In the first week of 2013, I decided to have a business/personal reading with Karen. And, wow, the accuracy of the reading was amazing…now, 3 months into this year, I am tracking my path, watching it lay out in front of me as I hold the focused intentions Karen outlined. As a Life Coach, I hold a high value of integrity for myself. Who I am is also my business. With that in mind, I am consistently doing my own inner work, and with Karen’s razor sharp direction, I am able to hold my life purpose under a bright spot light and not veer from it. The reading provided so much for me to ‘chew on’ and I will continue to do so through-out this year. And, I already know, I have a new year’s tradition for myself…book a reading with Karen!!

Susan Morel, CPCC, The Coaching Room


” I am a Karen McGregor FAN! Her most inspiring and thoughtful guidance comes from seeing my business as a part of me. Karen brings light to the greater good we can all thrive on. My clients see me looking for what inspires them…. thanks to Karen I can find that spark and help them grow, too.”

“Y” Meyer, Meyer Print Graphics Owner

“During my intuitive consultation with Karen I received information about my business that I had been previously unaware. Once my attention shifted to this new realization it seemed so obvious. Since then, I have taken steps to adjust my trajectory. Now, I feel as if a new passion has been infused into my business. Much gratitude to Karen who is a truly gifted intuitive!”

Carla Genevieve Webb,




One Hour: $175
Half Hour: $97

To Book A Session, please call Karen’s Office:
604-833-3073 or Click Here to send a message to Karen.