Intuition Intensive Certification (IIC)

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 Gain Clarity, Confidence and Clear Vision on Your Next Step and Help Others Do the Same…

Do you want to be able to rely on your intuition as often as you rely on your intellect? Do you want to know how to ramp up your intuitive guidance so that you can make more clear and life-enhancing decisions for your business, relationships, finances and health?

How would you handle the major changes in your life with intuition as a key support?

Everyone wants their intuition to be there in times of challenge, but what if it could be there to guide us through daily decisions, helping build our confidence and clarity?


Imagine a life where you dance comfortably and joyfully between your intellect and intuition, progressing towards your life purpose and vision with passion and conviction. That is the life I believe everyone is born to experience.

***Watch the video below to learn more about the IIC!***

We are born intuitive, not made intuitive. Come and remember that for yourself. In 3 days you will:

  1. Identify and dissolve blocks to receiving intuition.
  2. Learn the many forms in which you can receive intuition.
  3. Learn how to work with your intellect to support the intuitive process rather than try to defeat it.
  4. Discover how to tune into your intuition when you are stressed, frantic, and overwhelmed.
  5. Discover the vital role of your body in igniting your intuition.
  6. Understand how to bring more accuracy and depth to the intuitive information you receive
  7. Practice your skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment.
  8. Gain awareness of your own energy and how to protect and revitalize it
  9. Use your intuition to strengthen relationships both professionally and personally.
  10.  Use your intuition to check in with your mental, physical and emotional health.
  11. Learn how angels can support and assist your intuitive processes.
  12. Receive a certificate of completion.

Check out what people experience when they dive into their intuition!


Please join us and experience powerful clarity, inner wisdom and a transformative journey. Give yourself the gift of intuition – it lasts a lifetime!

(Note *** This  certification or a similar training is required to take the PIP: Professional Intuitive  Program; please speak with our team for further details: 604-833-3073.)

Date: February 21 – 23  (Vancouver, BC)

Friday 6 pm – 10 pm, Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm


For Off-Line Payment and for more info, call Karen at 604-833-3073




What people are saying about the IIC:

I attended an Intuition Intensive Certification course through intuition expert
Karen McGregor, this past weekend. To say this three day course was “intense” is an understatement and I enjoyed every second of it! Karen is a passionate speaker and was able to assist me in breaking free of some of the many things that kept me from reaching the intuitive person within me.I am so grateful for the gentle ways Karen’s teachings. This course has been a life altering experience for me. It came at the right time and was just what I needed to get me back on my life journey as a powerful, sensitive, deeply connected to source, intuitive. The exercises, meditations and material she shared with us have become invaluable resources for me. My whole body is still buzzing!!! 

Alexandra Bibby, West Vancouver, BC



The workshop inspired me to dive deeper into “ intuitive wisdom”—- -a sacred gift that we all hold but sometimes do not tune in to its frequency.  Karen’s  warmth, knowledge, and guidance assisted me in grounding myself in “ intuition” ——— it is very rewarding to travel on the wings of intuition.   Great food, music, meditations and participation by all.  Thank you Karen ,  you are an angel.

Bassim Nahhas, Burnaby, BC