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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do:

The Art of Intuitive Knowing

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Are you struggling to make an important decision?

Do you find it challenging to move forward in your career or relationships and feel stuck?


Discover the surprising secret of why most people have difficulty making

major decisions in their life and why they are frustrated with the traditional

approaches to making these decisions.


If you would like to know how to have more clarity and confidence in your

decision making in relationships, career and finances, join international speaker

and professional intuitive, Karen McGregor, for an evening where you will:


  • Experience renewed excitement with moving forward in your life

  • Feel more at ease with decision-making

  • Bring more conscious awareness and depth of wisdom to your decision-making

  • Discover practical steps to receiving more clarity in all areas of your life







Past Events With Karen McGregor


How to Ignite Your Soul Calling

& Get Clear On Your Life Purpose

Febrary 19th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Waimea Neighborhood Center (Courtroom)

4556 Makeke Road, Waimea, HI 96796


Do you want to make 2013 the year that you step fully into your soul’s calling?

If you are feeling like This is the Year, come and join intuition and life purpose expert Karen McGregor for an evening where you will gain clarity into what the call is, how it comes to you, and what you can do to activate it and live it every day!

We don’t need more traditionally “successful” people – but we DO need more people to awaken to the call of their soul – to live from a place of passion where each day we touch the lives of everyone we meet and live fully alive from that place!

Discover and experience practical processes that give you:

-       clarity of life purpose

-       confidence to overcome blocks to your soul’s calling

-       daily foundational steps that inspire you to continue the path of your calling long after the inspiration of the New Year has worn off!

For more information or to Contact Karen: 604-833-3073

**This Event is Free and Open to The  Public: See you There!**



October 13, 2012: The SEED EVENT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

Karen McGregor: “Love is the Answer to Purpose”

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