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I’m so excited for all you entrepreneurs out there who are curious about this program and really want to change the world by offering presentations that get the word out about your amazing products and services!

And while I rarely speak in bold terms… I absolutely believe every entrepreneur will benefit from this training!

It’s called Rock the Stage … for you entrepreneurs who are ready for a Quantum Leap in your speaking and business!

Rock the Stage is specifically designed for entrepreneurs wanting to make more money, have more clients, and spread their message far and wide… without spending extraordinary amounts of money and time on marketing.

After vigorous testing of the results of different marketing efforts I concluded that nothing has the potential to be more effective than a 45-90 minute signature presentation to your tribe.

My belief is in that in less than an hour -the time it takes to have lunch with a friend – we can all Inspire Educate and Sell…. AND have more clients than ever before with far less “chasing” and way more “attracting”!

If this interests you… keep reading!

Karen Speaking at RTS

What is involved?

There are 3 key parts to this 3 day live event:

1. Get it Down (You will write your signature presentation in a way that inspires, educates and sells – without the discomfort that most people experience when they sell!)

2. Get it Up (You will learn to take what you’ve written and powerfully deliver it to your tribe – that’s waiting to hear your message!)

3. Get it Out (You will learn what to do and what not to do to sell your programs & products in a way that is high integrity and powerfully motivating for both you and your clients/audience.)

That’s my promise to you. Get it done in one life-changing weekend!

As an entrepreneur who knows first hand how speaking tripled the growth of my business in a few short months… with low risk and high returns, I am thrilled to offer you this program so that you can experience big results in a very short period of time!

A little secret you may not know is that I have extensive experience in training corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to be powerful public speakers. Combined with my own years of international speaking and marketing of my own events, this created an urge to share the flame — to passionately share my insights and experiences with others.

This is knowledge that has taken me loads of time to accumulate and refine-  and it’s all available to you in a single weekend!

If you are interested in growing your service-based business quickly and you are willing to give speaking a try, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place!

I know keynotes and other presentations are the missing link to the success of many entrepreneurs – and I want to share my unique,

very do-able process with you so that you can experience what so few are cashing in on!

To register and connect with Karen, please call 604-833-3073. 


Vancouver and Calgary Rock the Stage dates!

Vancouver, BC

Date: June 6-8, 2014


Calgary, Alberta

Date: June 13-15, 2014

Investment: $1000  

Register now below.

Thanks and so look forward to your experience at Rock the Stage!

Tuning in to Your Success,



Here’s what people are saying about the Rock the Stage Speaking Program:


10581_10151818103979705_1522964213_nA close friend suggested I look into a program called Rock the Stage that Karen McGregor was offering. Having lead various small group introductions and being comfortable in front of an audience, I was unsure what I could gain from it and yet felt compelled to register. I am very glad I listened to my intuition and went for it! The weekend was full of powerful information delivered in a heart felt and lively manner. I’ve come away with a solid set of tools to create talks on any topic ranging in length from a few minutes to an hour and a half. I witnessed several participants go from a deep fear of speaking in front of a group to being connected and passionate about what they have to offer. If what you see in your future is anything from being able to offer your programs in a small group session to speaking in front of a large audience, this is the program for you.

 Jill Prescott

Vancouver, British Columbia


664343_454202541289270_255079912_oThe 3 days I spent at Karen’s Rock the Stage event were absolutely amazing! I was given the tools to create my signature talk that will greatly enhance my business and communication skills. Karen made the experience fun and easy to learn!

Thanks so much Karen!

Sharon Ballantine

Seattle, Washington, United States





NormanM01Attending Karen’s “Rock the Stage” Professional Speaking Program effectively turned months and months of planning and dreaming into action – a must for anyone wanting to either jumpstart or accelerate their speaking career. I would say my rapid progress was due to Karen’s ability to create a learning environment that is both fun and supportive.

Norman M.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





Sono's photoThe Rock the Stage hands-on course has given me power to be myself by speaking from my heart. Although I had to go deeper and deeper to find my signature talk, all the opportunities were blessings and I was able to find what I needed to do with Karen’s gentle yet clear direction. I also feel that I am very fortunate that all the attendees were very supportive, which led us to create continuous relationships. During the workshop, I received a lot of encouragement and I am very grateful. A bonus was the fun with a lot of laughs!!! Even if you feel extremely shy or terrified to be in front of people like I was, if there is something you want to speak up about, this course will help you move forward to make your dream come true.

Sono Sugimoto  

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



1271044_662028017148966_1018999714_oI want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the Rock the Stage program! What I received was priceless and it was exactly what I needed to learn and experience at the perfect time. You have a one of a kind gift with how you combine training, connections and fun. I love how you took your proven speaking process and broke it down into actionable steps that I could implement right away!

Devani Freeman

Seattle, Washington, United States