Finding Answers & Clarity Now… without using your Brain

For most of my life I was praised for my ability to think. I won awards for it. I built my identity around it. Until extreme chaos came into my life when I turned 40 and suddenly I found my world upside down in complete chaos. My marriage and my business collapsed simultaneously and all the problem solving and intellectual skill in the world were not helping me deal with the mess at my feet.

Burn-outFortunately, I discovered and uncovered my intuition – the part of me that was not brain-based – through a series of serendipitous events. I realized that a key purpose in my life is to not only experience my own life changing dramatically with the use of intuition but more so to help others use their intuition in times of change and chaos – to trust it and know how to refine it and activate it 24/7.

Here are some keys to help you get started on a path of finding answers without your brain:

Learn the 3 A’s of intuition: Ask for guidance. Most of us wait for our internal guidance system to kick in and present itself whenever and however we want it and need it. The reality is, all things, including intuition, are best ignited with our own intentions – if we intend on seeking clarity and ask for it, the likelihood of it presenting itself clearly is much higher.

Second A: Accept – are you fully receiving your intuition or are you catching glimpses of it and ignoring it, putting it on the backburner, second guessing it and calling it “a weird coincidence”? Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how much am I really trusting and receiving this gift?

Third A: Act – if you ask and accept but never act on your intuition, then the cycle of strengthening your internal guidance system will be halted and potentially damaged. Intuition by nature is demanding that we change our lives – even when that decision is a difficult choice to make. Most of us are afraid to act because we don’t have a guaranteed outcome. This is where, however, we grow most as people – in taking a courageous step and trusting in ourselves and the universe.

To experience your intuition fully, begin by practicing some intuitive exercises; it’s a great idea to do it in a group setting with a skilled facilitator so that you can ask questions and have a connection with others who are supportive of your journey while having a common interest. For more information on our upcoming Intuition Intensive Certification Program:


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