How Intuition Keeps us Alive

Intuition can be our warning-system and our alarm bells should something in our life not feel right. But few people ever think about how intuition makes us feel ALIVE… it can give us renewed vitality, it can help us to know with every fibre of our being that what we do and who we are in this world matter. That the path we have chosen is one that aligns with our purpose and activates our passion.

Having a relationship with our intuition can increase our clarity and confidence about what we are called to stand up for in life, about what we believe is possible, about our commitment to our big wild dreams.

Intuition embodied and lived creates presence in people, and it is a presence that can affect millions of other people. One person’s internal flame spreads to ignite the flame in others. From our families to our communities to our global villages, we are deeply moved by the efforts of one single person who is fully aligned with their intuition and committed to their path.

My dream is that every man woman and child will one day wake up and work not because they have to but because it’s what makes their soul sing.

My dream is that every man woman and child will embrace their inner wisdom and honor it just as the rational mind is embraced and honored.

My dream is that every man woman and child will say YES to life. Will choose to be fully ALIVE.


  1. Karen – I have just recently moved past fear towards purpose and I can truly say that when I am following my purpose my soul does sing!. Very interesting that I have discovered your inspirational work at this time.

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