How to Speak once & Sell Forever

Businesses spend tons of time and money figuring out the marketing world, social media, SEO, blogging and… well you get the picture. But rarely do I see people taking time to develop a single talk that could help them grow their business, sell products like crazy and offer their greatest gifts for a better world.

3D Happy Hour Button Click Here Block TextConsider what your business would be like if you developed only ONE talk… and continued  to offer this one inspirational presentation…. forever. I’ve seen it done over and over. And the topics range greatly from learning to remember names to finding clarity through chaos to discovering the real causes behind disease. Speaker entrepreneurs, with practice and a solid structured talk, can get really good at solving a problem within the talk and then offering listeners real transformation (through their products or services) to assist in solving a larger, related problem.

We live in a world that is built around a problem-solution structure and many people have this as part of their basic pattern of functioning in the world. Following this basic structure and then offering a reliable step by step process to assist your clients and listeners in reaching transformation and overcoming the problem is the key to your financial success and long term business growth.

Consider a 90 minute presentation: costs you almost nothing, and the rewards, if you do it systematically, can produce an entire year’s worth of income (and in the beginning, at least a month’s worth!). It’s happened to me and it has happened over and over for some of my closest friends.

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