Life Purpose Intensive (LPI)

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 March 28-30, 2014

Squamish, BC


Are you going through major transitions in your life and feel like it’s time to make a change but your not sure what that change is or how to go about it?

Or are you frustrated with work that is no longer fulfilling and you Know it’s time for a change– but you’re not exactly sure what direction to take?

We invite you to discover the Life Purpose Intensive. This rare program offers both the opportunity to develop your intuition to uncover and follow your soul’s calling while at the same time experiencing transformative healing practices that address what may be blocking you from moving forward. You’ll also come away with a practical plan so that you can live your life purpose fully from this day forward.

Most people try to find answers by using their intellect – yet in really hearing the call to make a change, we also need to learn to work with our intuition on a daily basis. Most times, there is a lack of support in our families and society to follow this road less travelled by.

In this retreat, we honor the calling you have within to discover and fulfill your life purpose! We honor the call that guides you to take the road less travelled.


We invite you to join international speaker, bestselling author and renowned intuitive, Karen McGregor, in uncovering and activating your life purpose. You will:


  • Get clear on your individual life purpose
  • Activate the 3 levels of life purpose to realize your full potential
  • Experience many ways to receive intuitive guidance, helping to fulfill your life purpose
  • Explore stages of change that accompany life purpose
  • Understand where you sabotage yourself in these stages of change and how intuition can help prevent this
  • Experience processes to assist moving forward through the stages of change
  • Identify big dreams and learn how to manifest them intuitively
  • Discern the difference between intuitive messages and your own thoughts and fears
  • Use intuition and other profound processes to understand the basis of your fears and what triggers your unhealthy patterns of behaviour blocking your life purpose
  • Understand when and why you are blocking intuitive guidance that serves your life purpose
  • Access intuition when encountering both change and stressful transitions
  • Learn to act on the intuitive guidance that you receive
  • Develop a practical plan for your life purpose that incorporates newfound intuitive skills and brings you in alignment with your soul’s calling on a daily basis


Date: March 28-30, 2014 (Friday March 28, 6:00 pm start time, full day Sat. and Sun.)

Location:  Sunwolf: 70002 Squamish Valley Road; Squamish, BC;

$597 Earlybird; ($750 after March 15, 2014)

For Off-Line Payment and for more info, call Karen at 604-833-3073



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What People are Saying About the LPI:


Karen Drgon“Bottomless gratitude to you Karen! Attending your Life Purpose Intensive was truly a powerful, life changing and healing weekend. We went deep. The experience was invaluable in putting me on course in the direction of my souls calling. I am confident now in the work I am meant to do. You are a true inspiration and am grateful to have you in my life. Anyone and everyone will benefit by attending such a profoundly soul touching workshop. Words can barely describe this weekend’s experience. 

…Look out world, …here I come! Hope you’re ready for me!

Karen McGregor, you are a true gift. Thank you!”

Karen Drgon, Squamish, BC



print-211I have done over 7 years of self improvement work in workshops, seminars, courses and retreats. For Karen McGregor’s LPI, I didn’t think I would be doing anything new but I went with an open mind and what I left with was a completely open heart. Completing this intensive was like a graduation for me. After all of my years of intense personal work on myself and being of service to others, I finally feel like I have graduated and can begin living my own life with passion and pursuit. This retreat really helped open my hearts “eyes”. I feel clear and ready to start living my life purpose. My life purpose really is to live my life in more joy and peace. How I do that, is by sharing everything I’ve learned these past 7 years in my blogs, books, and radio youtube show. I am Alex, the multi-faceted Latina.

Alexandra Bibby, West Vancouver, BC


Tammra Broughton

I recently wrote to Karen and said “LPI saved my life”. I didn’t quite realize why I was attending her 3 day LPI weekend workshop but within moments it started to become very clear. I never really listened to my Soul’s calling and now there is only moving with and forward with this RE-Quest. I am so grateful for her work and her commitment to her mission to know what it is our heart truly longs for, what it is that is our Soul’s Purpose. I experienced tremendous healing and that is not something I say often. Thank You Karen!

Tammra Broughton, Squamish, BC




LPI Group


I would recommend the Life Purpose Intensive for anyone who desires to really see themselves.  Karen holds a beautiful sacred space for you to quiet yourself and listen to your soul.  During the weekend we were challenged to look at beliefs and patterns in us and discuss them with the group, for me this was a very cathartic experience and I honoured the group for witnessing me.  I got to the root of a pattern in myself that had been limiting me my entire life, everything shifted as it know longer had any power over me.  The work on yourself continues after the weekend and Karen has kept a connection with the group and I have felt very supported.  The setting is magnificent and the food was excellent – if you are willing to challenge yourself you will be rewarded.

Robyn Wyman, Langley, BC



print-213I am so grateful to Karen and Andrew. Their incredible acceptance, support and organization throughout the LPI allowed me to openly address what was holding me back in a way that was intense but also FUN! I left feeling fully prepared and ready to live my life purpose and to live this journey from within my heart. Thank you!

Vicki Holleman, North Vancouver, BC