Professional Intuitive Program (PIP)

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December 6-8, 2013

Vancouver, BC, Canada


I’m brimming with joy each time I offer this program because there are so many gifted intuitives out there doing readings for friends or family, yet their desire is to branch out and help many more people… they just don’t know how to get started doing that.


Maybe you are one of these people.  Someone who can access the sacred gift of intuition to help others gain clarity and confidence in their decision making. And imagine being paid to do this… paid to do what you love!  Yet most intuitives donate their time to do readings, secretly wishing they could be compensated for the tremendous value they are giving.


For most heart-based intuitives, though, thinking about this creates uneasiness – we begin asking, “Can I balance my need to serve with my own financial needs? What is a “fair exchange”?


Is it even possible to work part-time or full-time as a professional intuitive?”

The answer is a resounding YES!


Come and discover the world of a professional intuitive and step into your personal power!

You will be guided to master the 3 E’s:

Excellence as a Professional Intuitive

Ecstatic Business Growth

Ethics of Intuitive Readings


Excellence as a Professional Intuitive:

-       experience the most effective tools available to assist you in offering powerful intuitive sessions in a safe, supportive and uplifting environment

-       learn to access your Divine Team to assist with readings (angels, guides, ascended masters, etc.)

-       learn advanced intuitive processes to support your client fully (ie. past life readings, connecting with past-over loved ones, chakra readings )

-       receive a certificate of completion to add to your professional portfolio


Ecstatic Growth:

-      learn from Karen as she shares her top methods for her own success that allow her to work from home doing what she loves to do!

-       create a clear, passionate vision for your business and business growth

-       develop the foundation of a business plan that supports your vision

-       understand what makes you unique and how to articulate that to clients

-       learn to bring the true essence of you to all of your marketing efforts so your clients feel they know you before ever having a conversation


Ethics of Intuitive Readings:

-       offer your clients the highest level of integrity and ethics

-       understand what to do in challenging situations to best support the needs of your client

-      experience processes that will give you the confidence to cope with any challenge that arises for either you or your client


This is a rare opportunity in that most intuitive programs do not address the one thing that is necessary for you to get your gifts out into the world: clear steps to building your intuitive business. They are missing the “how to” – and without that, all the intuitive knowledge and processes can never be shared with the world.

I know this program offers all intuitives an opportunity to at last make the difference they know is possible! Join us for one powerful weekend and gain the crystal clarity you need to become more effective as an intuitive professional.


(Note *** If you require training to strengthen your intuition, please take our IIC program first; the PIP is intended for those who have already experienced formal intuitive training and  now wish to receive more advanced intuitive training and business training.)

Investment: $700

For more information or to register off-line, contact Karen: 604-833-3073.

(Payment Plans Available Upon Request.)


What People Are Saying About the Professional Intuitive Program

Karen created a stimulating and educational program. The new intuitive material was taught carefully and clearly. She demonstrated patience and a playful nature with all in attendance. My learning goals to become a Professional Intuitive have been exceeded.

Maureen Pysklywec  Calgary, AB


This program was intensive with loads of information! There were many intuitive healing practices and I gained more confidence than ever before in my intuitive abilities. Karen is a wonderful facilitator and she holds a safe and peaceful space. Thank you Karen for this amazing opportunity!

Sono Sugimoto, Vancouver, BC


I feel motivataed, supported and happy to have made the decision to come to the Professional Intuitive Program event! Thank you Karen for listening, for the way you delivered the course and I feel blessed to have you as a mentor.

Martha Vance, NewWestminster, BC