Karen McGregor’s signature keynote presentations are dynamic, practical, and fun. Everyone has intuitive power and Karen helps people tap into that power in a supportive and  practical way.


Keynote #1: The Intuitive Entrepreneur: When You Need to Go Beyond the Facts…

This presentation is specifically offered for entrepreneurs who are seeking to make the best decisions possible – by learning to use both their analytical and logical left side of the brain and their intuitive and creative right  side of the brain. Using inspiring examples of how successful entrepreneurs access intuition, Karen then give participants an opportunity to become more aware of their own intuitive skills and how to harness them when needed.


Keynote #2:  Discover and Activate Your Life Purpose!

This high-energy presentation is designed to help people manage current or future change in ways that clearly align with their greatest purpose. Participants will tune in to their purpose and recognize how to use intuition through the different stages of change in order to fully realize this purpose.


Keynote #3: Ignite Your Intuitive Power: Reclaim Your Natural Gift

This presentation is for any group who wishes to heighten their natural intuitive senses so that guidance is available 24/7. Our motto: Intuition is as natural as breathing! Come and rediscover the gift you were born with and activate its power!


Keynote #4: Quantum Leap Speaking: How Heart-Based Entrepreneurs can Triple their Income, Attract Way More Clients and Sell Like Crazy!

This presentation is for business owners and entrepreneurial individuals who want to spread the word about their programs, products and services without the hard sell… and still be highly effective. At last, learn not only how to speak to attract the perfect client — also learn what to say and when – all while remaining your authentic self.



Testimonials of Karen at the SEED Event, Vancouver (Featuring Karen, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Jeffrey Armstrong, Adam Dreamhealer and Gerald Celente):

From the Organizers of the SEED Event:

It was a pleasure and honor to have Karen speak at The Seed Event Vancouver. Our large audiences are inelegant and intuitive from all walks of life and they can see through the superficial aspects of “talk” vs “Walking the Talk” and it was clear that Karen brought a wealth of information, years of life experience and an open heart that was extremely well received by the thousands of men and women in attendance. Our feed back was that people could relate to Karen and that Deepak Chopra and Adam Dreamhealers fans and supporters are now Karen McGrggors fans and audience as well. We Love you Karen and thank you for your amazing and professional presentation at The Seed Event Vancouver.

-Greg Mather – Seed Productions Foundation Founder/Director


From Participants of the SEED Event, Vancouver:

“I attended the fabulous SEED event on Saturday, October 13, 2012 and listened to a variety of excellent presenters.  I was most influenced and impressed with Karen’s presentation. I used to work for T. Harv Eker, owner of Peak Potentials Training. I attended many events with speakers like Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and Marianne Williamson.  Therefore I am no stranger to “luminaries” onstage.  At the SEED event I was not sitting near the front…..….rather about half way into the hall. Karen reached me across that distance with her grace, wisdom and love that shone from the stage. I was so touched with how she presented her message with such heart.”

Nichole Dermody

West Vancouver, BC


“I recently had the privledge of attending the Vancouver SEED event, which was a very powerful day for me.

One of the highlights of the day for me was listening to Karen McGregor. For quiet some time I’ve been a little lost trying to figure out my life’s vocation, her presentation opened my eyes and heart to a new concept. I’m really looking forward to participating in her life’s purpose workshop some day very soon.”

Mike Dubuc


“Karen invites us to develop a new literacy of the heart and become conversant with the invisible forces that guide our true purpose. You can feel she has walked this path ahead and learned the way and hearing her speak, one’s own heart becomes entrained to be in its proper place, stewarding our lives towards our highest happiness and service to others.

“Karen McGregor challenges to us is to become masters of Chaos….Of becoming so conversant with our own hearts that we can discern divine turbulence from human drama, and the resistance of fear from the tingle of an inspired life-adventure. Her proposal, that we use the heart as agent to our intuition, will guide all of us to harmonize more deeply with ourselves, and one another.”

Ashley Rose


“The SEED Event was an incredible experience for both my husband and I. The speakers were, of course, the highlights of the day, and I was thrilled to hear Karen McGregor speak. Her commitment to living life with purpose and authenticity is incredibly inspiring. After listening to Karen, I walked away with a new found determination to listen to the quiet voice inside and follow my heart’s desire.”

Marielle Smith

“Karen McGregor’s presentation was the highlight of my day at the SEED event recently held in Vancouver. Her message was so uplifting and inspired me to believe that I too can overcome the challenges I am experiencing in my life.”