Karen McGregor is an international speaker, sharing the stage with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, James Twyman, Adam Dreamhealer and David Wolfe. She is the author of 2 books, including the recent bestseller, The Madonna Code, and Sculpting the Business Body: Strategies and Stories of Top Entrepreneurs, a book illustrating the insights and intuition of some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs. While Karen’s gift is helping others tap into their inner wisdom, she also offers the unique perspective of being an entrepreneur and teacher of business. Meeting planners love her versatility in offering value and motivation to both the rational, left-brained people in the audience and the creative, right-brained individuals.

Recently Published Articles:


Spring 2013: True Blue Spirit magazine, page 18 (Volume 5, Issue 3)

“Am I Trying too Hard? Five Ways to Go From Force to Flow”


February 2013: The Elephant Journal

“Touching Your Lover From the Inside Out”


Fall 2012: SEED Event magazine, page 18

“Soul Callings: Tuning Into Your Life Purpose in Times of Change”


Print Interviews:


October, 2012:

BC Lifestyle Magazine: “Fueling Yourself and Your Life Purpose”


September, 2012:

Calgary Herald:”Intuitive Expert to Help Calgarians Find Their Path”

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Radio Interviews:


June 2013:

Living Proof Radio: “What to do When You Don’t Know What to Do: The Art of Intuitive Knowing”


January 2013:

Living Proof Radio: “Tuning Into Your Soul’s Calling: The Quest for Clarity in Life Purpose”


October 2012:

Everyday Spirits: “Ignite Your Life Purpose”


October 2012: 



Testimonials from Event Organizers:

It was a pleasure and honor to have Karen speak at The Seed Event Vancouver. Our large audiences are inelegant and intuitive from all walks of life and they can see through the superficial aspects of “talk” vs “Walking the Talk” and it was clear that Karen brought a wealth of intellectual information, years of life experience and an open heart that was extremely well received by the thousands of men and women in attendance. Our feed back was that people could relate to Karen and that Deepak Chopra and Adam Dreamhealers fans and supporters are now Karen McGrggors fans and audience as well. We Love you Karen and thank you for your amazing and professional presentation at The Seed Event Vancouver.

Greg Mather – Seed Productions Foundation Founder/Director

Calgary, Alberta


Brilliant, Warm and Awe Inspiring all come to mind when speaking of Karen McGregor.  Karen provides action with unwavering faith during her presentation of  “Explore your Life Purpose, Intuitively “workshop.  She had people laughing, crying and sharing throughout this workshop as she sets a foundation of trust and grace.

I look forward to working with Karen again as she has a wealth of information to offer and a beautiful and warm way of presenting it.

Valerie Lastwika, President & Founder WITHIN Wellness Spa & Apothecary

Calgary, Alberta


Karen’s presentation to our Eastside Women in Business members was one of the most meaningful things we have done as an organization, a stellar experience for all who were there. Karen was so real, authentic and relatable that everyone was able to really open their hearts and go deep in a very short time. Women who are hoping to gain access to their inner wisdom can greatly benefit from what Karen uniquely offers.

Christi Meshell, Founder, Eastiside Women in Business

Seattle, Washington, United States