The Add-On Theory of Intuition

I was listening to David Wolfe this past week talk about adding living, raw food to our diet versus depriving ourselves of what we really love to eat and drink. Eventually, when we add on enough times, cravings for foods that lack nutrition begin to subside. Over a period of time, the very foods you thought you couldn’t live without have completely lost their appeal.

From cakes and cookies to Salads and Super foods? Who me? Well yes, it’s true. This theory is in fact working for me and I’m delighted as I experience more energy and weight loss! As a professional intuitive, I’m now looking at how this add-on theory works with intuition, and here’s my theory:

Each time that we invest focused energy in moving into the wisdom of our hearts, in moving into the wisdom of our bodies, we want to stay there longer, and actually begin to lose interest in the great fascination with exclusively logical, rational thoughts. Each time that we acknowledge, accept and act on our intuition, we build a strong relationship to this bridge between our humanity and divinity. We can walk with clarity and confidence into our life purpose, into new relationships, and be the architects of our own lives. Yes our minds will always be there to be an assistant to this process; it’s just that the mind relaxes into knowing that it doesn’t have to be on call 24/7 and come up with all the answers all of the time.

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