What to do when you don’t know what to do…

In 2012 I’ve met many people who are asking themselves, “What do I do with my life? Where do I go from here?” And the answer seems to take light years to come – more than ever people seem to be stuck, frustrated and unhappy with their lives.

Today during an interview I began discussing the phases of change we all go through in life and that each phase can be worked with intuitively to help get clear on life purpose, the next step, or the next vision. I explained that the first stage of change that many people experience is a sense of dying to the old beliefs, patterns, relationships, careers, etc. that keep them confined to a life that is out of sync with their deepest passions and inner knowings. This dying to the old and the period of grieving the loss of the old (identity, roles, ways of being) needs to happen in order for our guidance system, our intuition, to fully function. It’s as though the body needs to be fully cleared of all the things that were not a match to “TRUTH” – Universal Truth. Then there is a beautiful space that opens up and allows for intuition to bring us to our life’s purpose.

Stay tuned for the other three phases of change in upcoming blogs — and how to know when you are blocking your life purpose and intuition in these stages.

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