Why Speaker-Entrepreneurs Don’t Make Money


Business can be a tough go for most entrepreneurs, but even more so for people who are out there trying to spread the word about their amazing products and programs. Why is it that people who are willing to get out there and speak are just not finding their efforts financially rewarding? There are a few key reasons – that we can all avoid with a few small changes:



1. The focus is usually on the speaker and what they are offering vs. the participant/listener and what they need. How many times have you sat through a presentation and not learned anything tangible to help you with a real-life problem? Be the person that gives great value for a real-life, real-time problem.

2. No personal sharing of your story. Your story is what makes people feel into whether you are a good fit or what you offer is a good fit for their transformation. Stating your expertise is important, but real life experience in the form of a story – a real-life challenge you worked through –  is even more important for most listeners.

3. Rushing through your invitation to purchase programs and products. It’s fascinating for me to observe and witness how the energy of a speaker shifts, pace and voice changes occur when “the sale” begins. Consider that you don’t have to sell – you are making an invitation for transformation. And you make it throughout the talk, not just in the last five minutes.

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